Project with my dear photographer friend, Mirjan Rooze

"There is something magical about the mysterious ways of both the unforgiving Icelandic weather and its majestic landscapes. Nature is ever ruling, you have to abide it. 

We could see everything that passed by us, while we were driving our big car through the snowy landscape, but we felt disconnected.
It was the glass between us and the outer world, keeping the cold aside. We stopped in the middle of road, with no one to be found around us, as it had been for hours on end. 

We got out of the car and finally felt like we could truly sense the world surrounding us. And at that very moment she stood there in her “Red-Riding-Hood-like" coat.

There was something so fascinating about that coat, within that otherworldly white and completely silent landscape. 

A storm seemed to be coming, but the red coat in these imposing surroundings, made us aware of the stillness of it all."

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