Frederique Peckelsen is a Frisian photographer who is always looking for the invisible magic of the earth. A sense of mystery, tension and loneliness come together in her images, where mankind is only a small part of the bigger whole

She is fascinated by the influence of landscape and environment on people, and how their culture and religion are partly formed from this. She is looking for explanations and solutions in the form of gods, rituals, decorations and clothing that fit the obstacles that life and nature throws at mankind.



Waterjournal no1 / Land of the Lotus /2016

Northletters Magazine website / Untold Stories /2017

Rucksack Magazine / Red Series /2017

Northletters NL1 / A World of Untold Stories /2018

Rucksack Magazine / The Land of Silence /2018

SCENARIO Magazine spec. edition / Myvatn /2019

Northletters NL2 / In the Midst of it All /2019

Kiekie Art online gallery / part of FotoLab Kiekie & Kiekie Magazine /2020

Classiq Journal website interview /2020

Classiq Journal website interview /2021

Heart Gallery / part of Aids Fund /2021


FOAM / Olympus x KiekieLab group exhibition /2020

Museum of Humanity / Heart Gallery group exhibition /2021
FotoFestival Naarden with Heart Gallery /2021


Olympus Young Talent Award finalist /2020


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