Land of the Lotus

" then I realized, it was the wall of glass that determined what was and what could be. Although I could see, I remained senseless. 

Whichever side of the glass I found myself, I stood alone. In here I was alone because of my longing for being there, there I was alone because I was meant to be.

And as the wall of glass vanished from my presence, it made place for a piercing sharp cold. The water indistinctly discolored. It appeared to be the reflection of a lingering stare the water laid upon me. Fears made way for memories.

Quiet and slowly, as I detached from my body, I let the seeping current of the water carry away my soul. The black fluid depths of the water reached beyond what my thoughts could grasp.

I understood I was awake, as this dream was no longer a dream.


And right there, in that moment, all was still. All that was lost, would be lost forever more. All that remained was a serene, inaudible loneliness. And this loneliness, filled my heart, once again.



I realized, I was somewhere between here and there. Between no man’s land and the land of the lotus.."

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