Ssōne is a contemporary womenswear brand rooted in craft and committed to conscious progress.

Founded in London in 2018, Ssōne is driven by a desire to create thoughtfully designed garments using rare textiles

and traditional techniques that expose the visible hand.


Lucila Kenny is an Argentinian natural dyeing Textile Designer based in Amsterdam.
She works exclusively with natural fabrics and dye she makes from plants, trees and flowers she finds in nature.
Lucila Kenny  

“For centuries, plants have been picked, raised and processed for nourishment, embellishment and healing.

It seems that on every part of the world where humans have lived we can find a body of knowledge based on the powers of herbs, roots and flowers.

This unique relationship between plants and people still remains in our ancestral memory waiting to be rediscovered.

Such a quest will take us from the world of materials to a symbolic realm, where chemistry becomes alchemy, and colors manifest their powerful connection to the earth.”

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