In the beginning,

before heaven and the great abyss Ginnungagap was without form and void,

and the spirit of Fimbultyr moved upon the face of the deep,

until the ice-cold rivers flowing from the Northern,

came in contact with the dazzling flames from Muspell.

This was before Chaos.   


And Fimbultyr said:

Let the melted drops of vapor quicken into life,

and the giant Ymir was born in the midst of Ginnungagap.

He was not a god, but the father of all the race of evil giants.

This was Chaos.  

The Gods built a bridge from earth to heaven called Bifrost.

It is a good bridge, but there is nothing in this world,

that can be relied on when the sons of Muspell are on war-path.


At present, however, they think that it is inhabited only by white elves.


They also took his skull and made the sky from it and set it over the earth with its four sides,

and under each corner they put a dwarf. These are called East, West, North and South.




With my friend and cousin, Mirjan van der Meer /